Handy Tam is on hiatus until further notice

Handy Tam is officially on hiatus.

I am currently in inquiry about whether or not I will continue offering handy services or possible mentorship and classes for those interested in taking on their own house projects.

I am particularly interested in passing on some skills and possibly even some tools to the right young person who has some handy inclinations, motivation & drive in starting their own small handy business in the JP area. (LGBTQ & BIPOC to the front)

To my loyal customers over the past 15+ years, thank you so much for the work and the sense of community. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your families, especially your pets and seeing the inside of so many homes in this neighborhood.

In the meantime, you can find me at Toadstool Walks where I guide forest bathing walks through the Arnold Arboretum and various other local organizations in Boston and also teach, train and mentor those interested in tending and mending relationships, supporting health and healing for all beings.

Thank you!