Hey, what’s up homeowners, renters, general contractors, and gardeners? I’m your local neighborhood handy person providing mindful repairs with reasonable rates to satisfied clients since 2005 in Jamaica Plain where I have lived since 1998.

I like getting to know people in their homes along with their pets.  I take the time to understand the various complexities of individual needs, establishing a trustful working relationship from the get-go and keeping the communication lines open from start to finish.

I take pride in my work.  I am honest. I don’t cut corners. I do things the right way and I say “no” if I really don’t feel confident about doing something.

∗NEWSFLASH∗  As of September 2017,  I will be guiding Forest Therapy Walks in addition to offering Handy Tam Services.  Check out my new website for more information here: Toadstoolwalks.com

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